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Recent Project Awards

  • Panther was awarded a project to remediate a large MGP site for one of New Jersey's energy providers.  The project involves the application In-Situ Stabilization (ISS) methodologies as well as excavation, removal, transportation and disposal of large quantities of impacted materials.
  • Panther was sole sourced by a global industrial manufacturing leader to install a large motor test stand able to endure the tremendous centrifugal forces created during the tests.
  • Panther was awarded a project anther was awarded a contract for the remediation of soils impacted with hexavelent chromium at a plating facility as part of a superfund site cleanup in NJ.
  • Awarded a contract to complete an Interim Remedial Measure (IRM) at a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site in Flemington, NJ.  The IRM consisted of the excavation, removal, and off-site disposal of MGP impacted soils.
  • Completed the stabilization of a severely eroded tidally influenced stream bank at an active petroleum refinery in NJ.
  • Panther was awarded a project to remediate historic contamination hot spots within upland portions of an operating manufacturing facility in Hatfield, PA.  Panther was also contracted to remediate 3 areas within an adjacent wetland area along the bank of a small stream.
  • Completed the removal of heavy-metal and herbicide-impacted soils and sediments from surface soil around site uplands and extensive onsite wetlands areas at a former chemical manufacturing and packaging facility in Maryland
  • Commenced work on concrete demotion and site remediation services for a chemical manufacturing facility in New Jersey
  • Panther rates as an "A-Grade" Contractor for Honeywell's Approved Contractors List
  • Panther completed the installation of a jet-fuel JP-8 remediation design that included Air Sparge and SVE systems at an active Air National Guard Base in Portsmouth, NH
  • Commenced work on a lake dredging project in Cinnaminson, NJ
  • Panther is selected as part of a Design-Build team and awarded a multimillion dollar contract to remediate impacted wetlands at a major Superfund site located in southern New Jersey 
  • Completed the removal of 40,000 tons of impacted soil from a former industrial site located in Highland Park, New Jersey 
  • Completed a project to design and install in-situ chemical oxidation and groundwater extraction/treatment systems at a site in Morris Plains, New Jersey 
  • Awarded a contract to excavate, and remove impacted soil from a former manufacturing facility located adjacent to The Meadowlands in New Jersey 
  • Contracted to design, install and operate a steam-enhanced soil and groundwater vapor extraction system at a former automotive manufacturing facility in Danville, Pennsylvania
  • Awarded a $3 million contract to excavate, remove and dispose of impacted soil and other materials from a former ink manufacturing facility in South Brunswick, New Jersey 
  • Completed the installation of large groundwater and leachate recovery system at a landfill located in Edison, New Jersey 
  • Completed the removal of MGP impacted soils from a former utility site in Manchester, New Jersey 
  • Completed the removal of more that 80,000 cubic yards of sediment as part of a major lake restoration project in Medford Lakes, New Jersey 
  • Completed the installation of a complex soil vapor extraction system at a former chemical manufacturing facility undergoing redevelopment at a site in Paterson, New Jersey 
  • Sole sourced to implement a large demonstration project utilizing newly developed solvent-enhanced chemical oxidation technology at a major MGP site located in New York 
  • Completed remedial activities involving twenty AOCs at a former defense electronics manufacturing facility located on Deer Park, Long Island 
  • Completed a highly visible and complex excavation and disposal project involving multiple waste streams at a site located in Englewood, New Jersey 
  • Completed a multi-million dollar project involving the ex-situ chemical oxidation and re-use of soils at a former semiconductor manufacturing facility located in Morris Plains, New Jersey 
  • Completed our 20th major chemical oxidation site in a span of 12 months with over 1,000,000 lbs of oxidants injected to date 
  • Completed a large-scale in-situ groundwater treatment project beneath a 500,000 square foot building where concentrations of chlorinated organics exceeded 150 to 200 mg/L of both TCA and TCE for a major defense contractor 
  • Completed a major chemical oxidation bench study program evaluating over 12 oxidation chemistries (persulfate, permanganate, ozone, Fenton’s) for a Northeast Superfund Site with over $100 million in estimated cleanup remaining 
  • Completed an 1100-foot long by 35-foot deep biopolymer slurry wall in New Hampshire for a PRP Group 
  • Completed an $8,000,000 innovative ex-situ soil treatment project using chemical oxidation to reduce soil concentrations of chlorinated organics in excess of 20,000 mg/kg down to a site-specific cleanup standard of 5 mg/kg 
  • Retained to provide expert strategic support regarding implementation of innovative technology options for a major defense contractor in Wichita, Kansas 
  • Panther has a record month in PermeOx® Plus orders with shipments expected to exceed 50,000 pounds, mostly through repeat buyers 
  • Selected by PSE&G to serve as one of six contractors who will be providing environmental services over the next three years as part of a $100 million program following a 12-month interview and evaluation process 
  • Panther received a $3.5 million contract for implementation of an FMC Patented Innovative Technology at a confidential client's site located in Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Panther received State and Federal designations as a small business set-aside firm for bidding on government projects 
  • Commenced work on several chrome ore processing residual (COPR) sites for a number of PRP's throughout New Jersey and Maryland—activities include in-situ treatment, treatability and pilot studies, excavation and disposal and capping 
  • Selected to install three environmental caps by a national consulting firm for high visibility metals contaminated sites located in North Jersey 
  • Selected to partner on the installation of a 300-foot long biopolymer permeable wall in Florida with a national consultant designed to treat chlorinated organics 
  • Certified by Global Encasements as an Expertise Applicator of their proprietary Encapsulant Products used in metals abatement projects 
  • Panther obtained regulatory approvals and innovative technology acceptance from numerous states (Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Virginia) for injection of PermeOx® Plus as a slow oxygen release material for use on thousands of sites 
  • Panther joined a National Consortium of Innovative Technology companies called TAP to provide bundled remediation alternatives to our core industrial clients nationwide—TAP includes several innovative technology vendors providing a wide range of services, including chemical oxidation using Fenton's, ozone, persulfates, permanganates, and product distribution of biological enhancement products 
  • Panther successfully completed an aggressive 6-month, $1.3 million facility decontamination project in Northern New Jersey   
  • Panther obtained initial pre-qualification approval from Honeywell, Inc. to bid on remediation opportunities throughout the country, following a review of our experience and safety record 
  • Panther installed a zero-valent iron reactor for S.S. Papadopoulos, Inc. of California at a Rhone Poulenc site in New Jersey to treat arsenic-contaminated surface water coming from an overland flow discharge 
  • Panther finalized a multi-year Agreement with FMC Corporation 
  • Awarded a Leachate Collection Upgrade by Browning Ferris Industries 
  • Awarded a Major Facility and Equipment Decontamination Project 
  • Panther completes an In-Situ Soil Stabilization Project under the oversight of NJDEP 
  • Panther becomes pre-qualified by ALCOA and Solutia to perform field services across the United States
  • Awarded the Decon/Demo of a Sulfuric Acid Plant in Front Royal, Virginia 
  • Awarded the cleanup of a Major Fire Site in Bridgeport, PA, where over 50 businesses burned 
  • Awarded a Major Facility Decontamination Project   

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