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  • Performed a large scale MGP remediation project which included excavation and offsite thermal treatment and disposal of ~80,000 tons of MGP impacted soils/concrete debris and In-Situ Stabilization (ISS) of 31,000 CY of impacted materials within 13 separate AOCs spanning ~20,000 SF.
  • Completed the remedial excavation on non-hazardous, SVOC/metals/PCB impacted soil from a former industrial chemical facility in New Jersey.  The site was subject to NJDEP guidance for cleanup required by the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) prior to a pending property transaction for brownfield redevelopment.
  • Awarded a contract to remediate MGP impacted soils at a busy intersection in a shore town.  This project was time critical as it needed to be complete prior to the beginning of the summer beach season starting on Memorial Day weekend.
  • Contracted to perform a surgical excavation of TCE/PCE impacted soils from the fractured and competent bedrock layer at a depth of 27 feet below grade in a former pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.
  • Awarded a contract to demolish two existing wooden boardwalks and replace them with pre-cast concrete boardwalks at a wetland mitigation site located in Port Norris, New Jersey.  The project is part of the clients Estuary Enhancement Program which was started to preserve and enhance more than 20,000 acres of Delaware Bay tidal wetlands and adjoining upland buffer areas that surround the Salem Generating Station.
  • Awarded a project to remediate a large MGP site for one of New Jersey's energy providers.  The project involves the application In-Situ Stabilization (ISS) methodologies as well as excavation, removal, transportation and disposal of large quantities of impacted materials.
  • Sole sourced by a global industrial manufacturing leader to install a large motor test stand able to endure the tremendous centrifugal forces created during the tests.
  • Awarded a project for the remediation of soils impacted with hexavalent chromium at a plating facility as part of a superfund site cleanup in NJ.
  • Awarded a contract to complete an Interim Remedial Measure (IRM) at a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site in Flemington, NJ.  The IRM consisted of the excavation, removal, and off-site disposal of MGP impacted soils.
  • Completed the stabilization of a severely eroded tidally influenced stream bank at an active petroleum refinery in NJ.
  • Panther was awarded a project to remediate historic contamination hot spots within upland portions of an operating manufacturing facility in Hatfield, PA.  Panther was also contracted to remediate 3 areas within an adjacent wetland area along the bank of a small stream.
  • Completed the removal of heavy-metal and herbicide-impacted soils and sediments from surface soil around site uplands and extensive onsite wetlands areas at a former chemical manufacturing and packaging facility in Maryland
  • Commenced work on concrete demotion and site remediation services for a chemical manufacturing facility in New Jersey
  • Panther rates as an "A-Grade" Contractor for Honeywell's Approved Contractors List
  • Panther completed the installation of a jet-fuel JP-8 remediation design that included Air Sparge and SVE systems at an active Air National Guard Base in Portsmouth, NH
  • Commenced work on a lake dredging project in Cinnaminson, NJ
  • Panther is selected as part of a Design-Build team and awarded a multimillion dollar contract to remediate impacted wetlands at a major Superfund site located in southern New Jersey 
  • Completed the removal of 40,000 tons of impacted soil from a former industrial site located in Highland Park, New Jersey 
  • Completed a project to design and install in-situ chemical oxidation and groundwater extraction/treatment systems at a site in Morris Plains, New Jersey 
  • Awarded a contract to excavate, and remove impacted soil from a former manufacturing facility located adjacent to The Meadowlands in New Jersey 
  • Contracted to design, install and operate a steam-enhanced soil and groundwater vapor extraction system at a former automotive manufacturing facility in Danville, Pennsylvania
  • Awarded a $3 million contract to excavate, remove and dispose of impacted soil and other materials from a former ink manufacturing facility in South Brunswick, New Jersey 
  • Completed the installation of large groundwater and leachate recovery system at a landfill located in Edison, New Jersey 
  • Completed the removal of MGP impacted soils from a former utility site in Manchester, New Jersey 
  • Completed the removal of more that 80,000 cubic yards of sediment as part of a major lake restoration project in Medford Lakes, New Jersey 
  • Completed the installation of a complex soil vapor extraction system at a former chemical manufacturing facility undergoing redevelopment at a site in Paterson, New Jersey 
  • Sole sourced to implement a large demonstration project utilizing newly developed solvent-enhanced chemical oxidation technology at a major MGP site located in New York 
  • Completed remedial activities involving twenty AOCs at a former defense electronics manufacturing facility located on Deer Park, Long Island 
  • Completed a highly visible and complex excavation and disposal project involving multiple waste streams at a site located in Englewood, New Jersey 
  • Completed a multi-million dollar project involving the ex-situ chemical oxidation and re-use of soils at a former semiconductor manufacturing facility located in Morris Plains, New Jersey 
  • Completed our 20th major chemical oxidation site in a span of 12 months with over 1,000,000 lbs of oxidants injected to date 
  • Completed a large-scale in-situ groundwater treatment project beneath a 500,000 square foot building where concentrations of chlorinated organics exceeded 150 to 200 mg/L of both TCA and TCE for a major defense contractor 
  • Completed a major chemical oxidation bench study program evaluating over 12 oxidation chemistries (persulfate, permanganate, ozone, Fenton’s) for a Northeast Superfund Site with over $100 million in estimated cleanup remaining 
  • Completed an 1100-foot long by 35-foot deep biopolymer slurry wall in New Hampshire for a PRP Group 
  • Completed an $8,000,000 innovative ex-situ soil treatment project using chemical oxidation to reduce soil concentrations of chlorinated organics in excess of 20,000 mg/kg down to a site-specific cleanup standard of 5 mg/kg 
  • Retained to provide expert strategic support regarding implementation of innovative technology options for a major defense contractor in Wichita, Kansas 
  • Panther has a record month in PermeOx® Plus orders with shipments expected to exceed 50,000 pounds, mostly through repeat buyers 
  • Selected by PSE&G to serve as one of six contractors who will be providing environmental services over the next three years as part of a $100 million program following a 12-month interview and evaluation process 
  • Panther received a $3.5 million contract for implementation of an FMC Patented Innovative Technology at a confidential client's site located in Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Panther received State and Federal designations as a small business set-aside firm for bidding on government projects 
  • Commenced work on several chrome ore processing residual (COPR) sites for a number of PRP's throughout New Jersey and Maryland—activities include in-situ treatment, treatability and pilot studies, excavation and disposal and capping 
  • Selected to install three environmental caps by a national consulting firm for high visibility metals contaminated sites located in North Jersey 
  • Selected to partner on the installation of a 300-foot long biopolymer permeable wall in Florida with a national consultant designed to treat chlorinated organics 
  • Certified by Global Encasements as an Expertise Applicator of their proprietary Encapsulant Products used in metals abatement projects 
  • Panther obtained regulatory approvals and innovative technology acceptance from numerous states (Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Virginia) for injection of PermeOx® Plus as a slow oxygen release material for use on thousands of sites 
  • Panther joined a National Consortium of Innovative Technology companies called TAP to provide bundled remediation alternatives to our core industrial clients nationwide—TAP includes several innovative technology vendors providing a wide range of services, including chemical oxidation using Fenton's, ozone, persulfates, permanganates, and product distribution of biological enhancement products 
  • Panther successfully completed an aggressive 6-month, $1.3 million facility decontamination project in Northern New Jersey   
  • Panther obtained initial pre-qualification approval from Honeywell, Inc. to bid on remediation opportunities throughout the country, following a review of our experience and safety record 
  • Panther installed a zero-valent iron reactor for S.S. Papadopoulos, Inc. of California at a Rhone Poulenc site in New Jersey to treat arsenic-contaminated surface water coming from an overland flow discharge 
  • Panther finalized a multi-year Agreement with FMC Corporation 
  • Awarded a Leachate Collection Upgrade by Browning Ferris Industries 
  • Awarded a Major Facility and Equipment Decontamination Project 
  • Panther completes an In-Situ Soil Stabilization Project under the oversight of NJDEP 
  • Panther becomes pre-qualified by ALCOA and Solutia to perform field services across the United States
  • Awarded the Decon/Demo of a Sulfuric Acid Plant in Front Royal, Virginia 
  • Awarded the cleanup of a Major Fire Site in Bridgeport, PA, where over 50 businesses burned 
  • Awarded a Major Facility Decontamination Project   

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