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ISS of MGP Impacted Soil

Panther was contracted for a 34,500 CY In Situ Stabilization (ISS) pilot study project at a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site in New Jersey.  The pilot study was performed to evaluate the effectiveness in treating MGP-impacted soil (VOCs, PAHs, metals) with ISS mixing of Portland cement and ground granulated blast furnace slag as reagents and evaluate the suitability of ISS as the remedy to treat the entire 300,000 CY of impacted soil on site.  The overall goal at the site is to seek regulatory closure and brownfield reclamation in a fast-growing redevelopment community.

The project included the removal and disposal of 25,000 tons of historic fill material, impacted soils, subsurface concrete infrastructure, wooden and concrete pilings; ISS treatment of 34,5000 CY of MGP-impacted soil, groundwater treatment, restoration of the ISS area with certified clean fill and the installation of a hydraulic barrier wall around the perimeter of the ISS area.

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