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Panther offers a variety of industrial cleaning and maintenance services to our clients throughout the Northeast. Our proficiency in tank and pit cleaning, as well as plant-wide decontamination capability, have been invaluable to our clients since they afford the ability to support their everyday plant needs in addition to supporting remedial programs designed to address local areas of concern. Panther’s crews deal with a wide range of materials: wet, dry, acids, non-hazardous, and hazardous. Consistency can range from liquid to sludge, fine powder, and large bricks. Specialty applications include the unloading and loading of packed towers/carbon units, process and water treatment vessels, tank and pit cleaning, tank-to-tank transfer, drumming of accumulated materials, and associated transportation and disposal.

Panther uses several techniques to perform these services, including pneumatic conveyance, which is a highly efficient and versatile process for removing industrial waste contained in tanks, containers, surface impoundments, and/or process vessels. With suction velocities of up to 150 mph, air-movers can convey almost any material (solid, liquid, or sludge) that will fit through an eight-inch hose over distances of up to 1,000 feet, depending on the material's weight. Material or waste is deposited into truck-mounted collector modules, drums or other intermediate containers for transportation. High-pressure water washing is utilized as a safe, cost-effective method of cleaning interior and exterior surfaces, process configurations, and other vessels. This method can be applied to just about every process or client facility. Panther utilizes equipment that allows for multi-angle or 360-degree cleaning with and without oscillation. The addition of specialty chemicals (detergents, mild acids, and bases) allows maximum cleaning effectiveness.

Panther was built on our ability to provide tank-cleaning services, which involves the removal of sludge or residual products from the interior of storage tanks to allow for repair, replacement, and/or product changeover. Panther’s services also include AST and UST tank emptying, solids removal, gas freeing, tank cleaning, and re-certification. In addition to the details outlined above, tank cleaning also uses and/or requires a wide array of other services, including liquid vacuuming, steam cleaning, grit blasting, temporary product storage, sludge processing, waste transportation and disposal services, and in some cases, dismantlement and removal.

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