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Landfill / Lagoon


As an adjunct to our civil and environmental contracting services, Panther provides outsource alternatives relating to the management of on-site industrial landfills. We offer a comprehensive service package including solid and liquid waste management, capping, transportation and hauling, waste inspection to insure permit compliance, leachate monitoring, and site landscape maintenance. Panther's management team has managed numerous closures of on-site industrial landfills under such comprehensive programs.

Panther carries extensive experience in landfill closures including the construction of RCRA landfill caps, synthetic liner systems, clay-liner systems, leachate collection systems, soil-layer covers, and other remediation and closure services. We have teamed with various engineering firms, providing our clients with turnkey solutions to their needs in the area of landfill and surface impoundment closure, minimizing unnecessary management of these components by our clients.

Panther also maintains sludge ponds for a number of our industrial clients. This outsourcing strategy includes waste management, periodic clean-out (as required), site landscape maintenance, and other supporting services. As ponds or lagoons become full, excavation equipment can be used to remove material and restore capacity.

Similar to landfill closure services, Panther has extensive experience in closing lagoons, ponds and other surface impoundments. Services include sludge removal, capping of the impoundment and final reclamation of the site.

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