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Panther is one of few companies with the technical resources to perform an entire site decommissioning project, from decontamination and "make safe" activities to facility demolition. In cases where tank cleaning services are performed in connection with facility closure or the planned phase-out of a storage tank, Panther is able to perform the demolition and decommissioning phases, along with all cleaning, as a single contractor.

All of our decommissioning projects begin with an investment recovery audit. This involves the assessment of the quality, value, and type of materials/equipment that may be recovered from the site. Panther also recovers value from process equipment, building components, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The proceeds from the sale of these assets can be applied directly to the project, thereby reducing the final cost to our client.

The sophistication of the demolition process is a function of the size and complexity of the project. Small-scale projects involving the demolition of minor structures may be carried out using commonplace machinery, equipment, and methods. Larger, more complex, projects may require an extensive pre-project process of engineering and specialized operation procedures, machinery, and equipment. As a result, project managers and site personnel must have a technical understanding of structural design, project scheduling and worker health and safety. Panther's team of experienced project engineers, project managers, site supervisors, foreman, equipment operators, laborers, and support staff professionally manage complex and environmentally sensitive demolition projects.

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