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Underground Vault Clean Out/Carbon Change Out Services


Location: York, Pennsylvania
Value: $ 40,000.00
Panther was contracted to desludge one (1) 100,000-gallon underground basin at the Osram Sylvania operation in York, Pennsylvania. Panther had previously changed out three (3) 2,000 pound TCE carbon scrubber units during a separate mobilization. Panther provided a site-specific health and safety plan to execute the vault desludging project that was completed over a plant shut down and was performed as part a critical path facility maintenance activity. Panther was responsible for providing a five (5) man OSHA trained crew, vactor, LEL/O2 meter, copus blower, utility vehicle, Level C protection to appropriately execute the confined space entry project. Our personnel coordinated the disposal of the waste materials including an onsite decanting operation to minimize the disposal volume, thus reducing the total cost of the project. In the previous project, Panther was contracted to remove all TCE contaminated granular activated carbon (GAC) from three (3) 2,000 pound scrubber units. The material was removed in Level C personal protection and placed directly into 55 gallon drums for regeneration while maintaining particulate control with a dual vacuum HEPA/carbon system. The follow day, after the units were serviced and upgraded by the owner, new clean GAC was conveyed into the unit and the system placed back in services.

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