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Superfund Site – Wetland Remediation


Location: New Jersey
Value: $ 6,200,000
A team led by Panther and ERM, was awarded the design-build wetland remediation component of a Superfund Site located in New Jersey. The eleven (11) acre project included multiple logistically complex elements with regard to surface water management as it affects excavation activities as well as the influence of sorbed water on the management and preparation of excavated materials for transportation and disposal (T&D). The ERM-Panther team drew upon the vast experience of our professionals to understand site dynamics and formulate a winning remedial approach. Major components of the work included: the clearing of several acres of heavy woods and undergrowth followed by the installation of temporary infrastructure (a 100,000-gallon water storage and treatment system, construction of roads and soil staging pads); installation of flexible surface water management systems (aqua barriers, diversion channels and pump around systems); excavation and stabilization/solidification of 26,000 cubic yards of sediments including the management of the 400 tons of reagents needed to prepare excavated materials for T&D; installation of geotextile and Reactive Core Mat (RCM); backfilling and final site restoration. Prior to beginning site activities, Panther completed a treatability study to define material management requirements to efficiently prepare the fully saturated excavated materials for T&D. In addition to defining the volume and type of drying agents required, Panther’s treatability study identified the optimum balance between drainage time and volume and the cost of specific reagents. The excavated sediments were staged in “high piles” to maximize natural draining which helped to minimize the amount of drying reagents required. Panther employed long-reach excavators working on crane mats to remove the sediment to the prescribed depths. The excavators relocated the sediment to timber plank roads where the material was high-piled and allowed to gravity dewater. The sediment was then loaded into off-road dump trucks for transportation to the on-site sediment management area. The pre-determined optimum ratio of pozzalonic reagent was blended with the sediment at the sediment management area prior to shipment off site. After the areas were excavated to the prescribed elevations Panther initiated restoration activities. Each area received Reactive Core Mat or 6 ounce woven getotextile fabric followed by the placement of six (6) to eighteen (18) inches of backfill and six (6) inches of virgin topsoil. Fill material was placed to prescribed elevations to facilitate the creation of a wetland. Panther also placed previously cut down willow logs and tree stumps in the swamp areas to enhance the habitat and help re-establish the willow tree population in the remediated area.

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