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Stipsonís Island Wetlands Mitigation Bank


Location: Dennis Township, New Jersey
Value: $ 490,000
Panther was awarded a contract to perform wetland mitigation work at the Stipsonís Island Wetlands Mitigation Site in Dennis Township, New Jersey. The client selected Panther based upon our professional experience at multiple other complex wetland sites, and our ability to satisfy owners, regulatory agencies and local authorities while adhering to permit requirements. The scope of work for the project was to establish and maintain approximately 35 acres of created, restored, enhanced and preserved wetlands and uplands in accordance with the provisions of a Mitigation Banking Instrument and permits issued by various regulatory agencies. Panther installed various soil erosion and sediment control devices (silt fence, turbidity barriers, silt bags, construction entrances) as well as performing ongoing survey verification throughout the entire operation. Construction elements consisted of site clearing, removal of materials from various habitats, the naturalized placement of stumps within certain zones, the excavation of new habitat pools, filling of various drainage ditches, hydrologic enhancement of certain areas and the construction of a new soil berm to separate freshwater areas from saltwater. Using standard excavators, approximately 19,000 cubic yards of soil and sediment materials were removed from various locations and either used during fill operations on the site or relocated to an off-site location and stockpiled. Restoration of the work areas included the planting of low marsh and high marsh plant species, various shrubs and grass seed mixtures. The project was performed on schedule, well under budget and without incident. By working diligently and cooperatively with all local stakeholders Panther enjoys positive relations with local community leaders and authorities.

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