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Steam Enhanced LNAPL/CVOC Extraction


Location: Danville, Pennsylvania
Value: $ 6,500,000.00
Panther was contracted to design, install and operate a steam enhanced soil and groundwater vapor extraction system to recover separate phase LNAPL and DNAPL impacting 55,000 CY at a former automotive manufacturing facility. The remedy designed and installed included one hundred twenty four 2-inch stainless steel injection wells and forty three 4-inch stainless steel extraction wells to a maximum depth of 40-feet bgs. Following installation of the injection and extraction wells, main surface mounted 4-inch carbon steel headers were installed and connected to each well through 2-inch SS branch hoses. Injection wells were connected to a main 8-inch distribution manifold that originated at a 37,500 lb/hour 150-psi natural gas fired steam boiler. The steam boiler and potable water softening systems were designed and sized with the goal of increasing subsurface temperature to approximately 100-degrees C to enhance the mobility of viscous DNAPL and LNAPL into the extraction and treatment system. The 260-gallon per minute (GPM) groundwater extraction system was comprised of a 130-cfm compressor, 26 custom designed high temperature pneumatic pumps, 21,000 gallon initial settling/gross product removal tank, twin 150-gpm treatment trains in parallel consisting of polishing oil/water separators, duplex bag filtration systems, counter flow air stripper systems, potable water preheat recovery system and liquid phase granular activated carbon for low-level PCB removal. The vapor extraction systems at the site consisted of shallow fill layer 300-cfm high vacuum dual phase extraction and moisture separation systems targeting two separate treatment zone to 15 and 20-feet deep and a 750-cfm rotary lobe SVE system with moisture separator to treat soil in the deep aquifer from approximately 20 40 bgs. Following initial moisture separation, vapors were combined into one equalization vessel with demisting for final moisture removal prior to treatment within a 3,000 cfm regenerative thermal oxidizer and HCL scrubber system.

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