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Solvent Enhanced In-Situ Chemical Oxidation Pilot


Location: New York State
Value: $ 450,000.00
Panther was sole sourced to implement a large pilot demonstration project using a newly developed solvent enhanced chemical oxidation formula for a New York based utility company at one of their major MGP sites and the NYSDEC. Panther was selected for this project due to past experience and unique understanding of oxidation chemistries and delivery systems. Panther provided a constructability review of the injection system design that resulted in the re-design of both the above grade and below grade mixing and injection systems. Panther selected, procured and installed all components of the system including multiple frac tank and stainless steel tanker batch mixing systems; control/monitoring systems, and the delivery/injection system. Panther mobilized one of our custom designed injection trailers consisting of multiple duplex pump systems with magnetic drive pumps, variable frequency motor controllers, electronic instantaneous and totalizing flowmeters, temperature and pressure monitoring systems and QA/QC reagent stream sampling locations. The below grade injection system consisted of twelve vertical injection wells positioned in two rows installed through a subsurface concrete foundation. Once all portions of the system were installed and tested, Panther operated the system on a 24/7 basis for approximately 40 days. Over 200,000 lbs of oxidants and solvents were mixed and injected at varying dosages and flowrates to allow fine-tuning of the chemistries. Post treatment sampling of the targeted remediation area resulted in up to 100% reduction of MGP contaminants in the 15 35 bgs range.

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