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Soil Vapor Extraction System


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Location: Paterson, New Jersey
Value: $ 1,500,000.00
Panther was awarded through competitive bid the installation of a large SVE system at a former chemical manufacturing facility located in Paterson, New Jersey. The installation includes 160,000 linear feet of HDPE pipe with sizes ranging from 1.5” to 12” in diameter. Although the property was sold to a major retail chain, Panther’s client is responsible for the installation of the SVE system, with our team providing significant coordination of efforts on this 6.5-acre site. Prior to initiating the installation of the SVE system, Panther was contracted (sole source) to complete site work for the new owner, and their property development partner who is constructing a big box store on the property. Panther first completed the site work for the developer, and then completed the much larger SVE installation project. Panther assisted the owner and the owner’s engineer by performing a constructability review, which resulted in several enhancements to the original design, and will result in a more efficient installation process, and a more effective system. Prior to mobilization, Panther completed a site-specific Health and Safety Plan, and pre-assembled major components at our 30,000 SF facility in Medford, NJ. Intrusive trenching was performed utilizing Panther’s 75,000 lb, 45,000 lb and 29,000 lb excavators, along with other standard equipment. Thermal butt-welding or fusion couplings connected joints, and all piping runs were pressure tested. The work included making mechanical connections to 45 SVE wells, 79 bedrock interface AS/SVE wells, and 399 overburden soil air sparge wells. All piping was connected via manifolds into four distribution buildings and one process building.

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