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Soil Excavation, Disposal and HWMU Decontamination


Location: Deer Park, New York
Value: $ 700,000.00
Panther was awarded and successfully completed remedial activities involving twenty AOCs at a former defense electronics manufacturing facility located on Long Island. Pantherís client (the former owner) had this project on a fast track, as it had to be completed prior to occupation by the new owner; both parties desired that the project be completed as quickly as possible. Work at the site comprised of several independent and logistically challenging projects such as the removal and disposal of 5,000 tons of VOC, SVOC and metals impacted sludges and soils from large surface recharge impoundments, leaching pools, pits and sumps and other areas around the site. Some excavations were within and near buildings with poor access that also required shoring during the removal activities. Panther managed several waste streams and ensured that the wastes were properly characterized prior to shipment. In addition to the various soil/sludge removal projects Panther also removed several USTs and associated piping, and decontaminated several hazardous waste management units (HWMUís) used by the manufacturer as part of their process. Monitoring wells within and outside the facility were also abandoned. The site was under the strict oversight of the NYDEC. Panther successfully teamed with all parties involved (consultants, former owner, current owner and NYSDEC and Suffolk County Health Department) to ensure that expectations were met and exceeded while maintaining an expedited construction schedule. Prior to intrusive activities Panther conducted a public utility mark out and evaluated drawings to determine the possibilities of encountering any private site utilities. Mobilization and site preparation activities included installation of soil and erosion control measures including safety fence where required and decontamination stations at the individual HWMUís. Excavation sites were cleared and grubbed of vegetation by machine and by hand. HWMUís were cleaned, decontaminated with pressure washing and rinseates collected and combined for off-site disposal. Pantherís crew utilized a demo hammer, steel sheet shoring systems, track-mounted excavator, mini-excavator, front-end loaders, backhoe, skid-steer loader and vactors as well as other support equipment to remove impacted soils at specified locations and to prescribed depths. Excavations inside the facility were preceded by saw cutting the six inch-thick concrete floors. The cut sections of the floor were then and broken and sized utilizing a hydraulic hammer. As excavation continued it became necessary to protect the private utilities that had not been previously identified. Pantherís crew utilized temporary lighting equipment during excavation activities inside the building due to a power outage at the facility. All excavation and post-excavation sampling activities were performed with NYSDEC and Suffolk County oversight. Where backfilling was required Panther imported clean certified fills from off-island sources and field compaction testing nuclear density gage to achieve 95% Standard Proctor ASTM D698. Backfilling of leaching pools and other areas were completed without the use of internal combustion powered equipment due the ownerís restriction.

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