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Slurry Wall Installation


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Location: Burlington, New Jersey
Value: $ 2,450,000
Panther was awarded a project to install a 50,000 SF slurry wall at a site adjacent to a Delaware River tributary. After all initial planning submittals were approved; Panther mobilized and began site preparation activities. Initial site preparation activities included the clearing and grubbing of approximately (7) acres, the installation of soil erosion & sediment control measures, the improvement of 1,500 LF of existing access roads, followed by establishing temporary facilities, and defining the location of an existing sewer force main that bisects the site. Additionally, twelve monitoring wells were abandoned, and a six-foot temporary fence around the 3,000 LF perimeter of the site. After initial site preparation activities were completed additional civil preparation included the backfilling of three ponds at the site. The ponds were backfilled with approximately 2,000 tons of various aggregates, and the site surface was graded and leveled to provide for a stable working surface for the heavy equipment required. The 1,900 LF slurry wall was installed to a depth of 32 feet BGS utilizing a long-stick excavator with a reach of 35 feet. The excavator was supported by a second excavator and dozer for managing the spoils. Materials used in the construction of the wall included 325 tons of bentonite and 4980 tons of imported clay. The slurry was prepared using a mix plant with frac tanks for storage and conveyed form the mixing area to the trenches using 3 pumps and 4-6 inch hose and quality checked by the owner’s engineer. Challenges during the work involved re-routing the wall around two previously unknown waste locations where Panther found 2,000 CY of debris and stacked drums. In addition, severe weather (hurricane Irene, tropical storm Lee and the heaviest precipitation in 30 years) posed serious threats to the project schedule as the site was inundated making it impossible to utilize the heavy equipment on site until the working areas had drained. Upon the completion of the wall, the area sub-grade was restored by installing and compacting approximately 15,000 cubic yards of imported fill material. A cap cover system was placed over the two waste locations. The cap system consists of a combination of 40-mil HDPE geo-membrane and geocomposite materials followed by additional fill and topsoil. To complete the cap systems, permanent vegetative stabilization will be provided along with the installation of storm water management controls. The areas outside of the cover system was be restored with seeding and plantings. During demobilization, all temporary controls were removed.

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Burlington Slurry Wall_04042013_113700.jpg

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