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Removal of 23 AST’s, Building Demolition and Soil Remediation


Location: Newark, New Jersey
Value: $ 175,000.00
Panther was selected to perform demolition and soil remediation at the 120 year old Fiske Brothers Refining Company site in Newark, New Jersey. The scope of work included the removal of 23 aboveground storage tanks (AST’s) in two tank farms, demolition of 120-yr. old brick buildings, removal of over ½ mile of former product piping, excavation, soil and concrete/block/brick characterization, transportation and disposal of 750 tons of non-hazardous, petroleum contaminated soil, brick and concrete. The final construction activity included the installation of a 100 lf subsurface product recovery pipe gallery. The project presented several unique challenges because: (1) two of the existing brick buildings blocked access to 17 AST’s in the second tank farm and although these two buildings were to be demolished, they were also connected to other active areas not to be demolished; and (2) to prevent mixing of clean and contaminated concrete/brick generated from demolition activities and comply with NJDEP’s “Guidance for Sampling and Analysis of Concrete Designated for Recycling”, Panther performed prudent source separation of distinct areas of demolition. AST‘s and buildings were treated as individual systems to ensure safety and efficient removal. Confined space entry and hot work permits were completed for each AST so demolition could proceed with a fire watch. During the first stage of demolition, Panther used a combination of heavy equipment including a CAT 315 excavator w/grapple, high reach lifts, skid-steer and torch sets to dismantle 6 AST’s (7K to 50K gallons) and process piping in the first tank farm. The second phase of demolition activities included: (1) removal of asbestos roof flashing, transite as well as friable above-grade piping insulation from the 40’ x 100’ brick building; (2) demolition of the 40’ x 100’ and pump house buildings; (3) source separation of clean/contaminated brick, concrete and construction and demolition debris materials; (4) cut and capping of more than 2-dozen above-ground wall piping penetrations; (5) demolition of the second tank farm’s 17 AST’s (8.5K to 31.5K gallons), process piping and their foundations using a CAT 320 shear and CAT 315 grapple; (6) hammer-hoe for demolition of concrete footings and slabs; and (7) the cleaning and decommissioning of a 1K gallon UST. In addition, numerous buried product piping galleries from the former AST’s and pump house were located, drained and removed as part of the demolition/scrapping activities. Steel plate and process piping were scrapped to a local recycling facility. As part of the remediation effort, a 100 lf product recovery trench was installed between the two former tank farms to a depth of 10 feet. Trench construction included removal of 300 tons of petroleum contaminated soils, installation of a 3-tiered 12” diameter perforated piping system and backfilling with 350 tons of clean stone and fill. The design of the product recovery trench system used vertical risers to facilitate future product gauging and future extraction pumping. To facilitate offsite disposal/recycling and compliance with NJDEP guidance requirements for concrete recycling, samples of brick and concrete from the building and AST foundations were characterized. The final activities included loadout of 750 tons of contaminated soils, brick and concrete to a thermal reclamation facility in Delaware and recycling of 240 CY brick and concrete block to Class B Recycling Facility in New Jersey.

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