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Remediation of PCE in Soils


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Location: Newark, New Jersey
Value: $ 1,500,000
Following site mobilization, the installation of soil erosion and sediment control measures and the demolition and removal of 900 tons of concrete & asphalt, Panther set-up an on-site water treatment system consisting of granular activated carbon units, bag filters and five (5) 21,000-gallon Frac-style tanks. This system was used for the storage and treatment of water extracted during the excavation and removal of soils. The dewatering system designed by Panther included four (4) wells installed to a depth of 27 in addition to a well-point system surrounding the area to be excavated to a finished depth of 20. A vibration monitoring program was established for the site, a pre-construction examination was made of several surrounding commercial and residential structures and then two (2) seismographs were set-up at locations adjacent to the excavation area. The seismographs were used to continually measure and record peak particle velocities during sheeting installation and removal. Panther installed a steel sheet-pile system sized 37 x 21 to control groundwater infiltration and during the excavation of one area on-site to the finished depth of 20. A 62 x 7 x 12 3-bay slide rail earth support system was installed to allow for excavation within a sidewalk system adjacent to a public roadway. A total of approximately 4,500 tons of non-hazardous soil and 255 tons of RCRA-hazardous contaminated soil was excavated and shipped off-site for disposal. The non-hazardous soil was sent locally for beneficial reuse while the hazardous soil was shipped to Texas for incineration. Approximately 450,000 gallons of construction water was pumped, treated and discharged into an existing on-site sewer line. All excavations were backfilled, compacted and the surface received a 6 thick layer of crushed stone. During the backfilling of the deeper excavations, Panther installed 24,000 pounds of potassium permanganate to remediate groundwater following the completion of all soil removal activities.

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