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Pond and Stream Remediation, Restoration and Stabilization


Location: Ewing, New Jersey
Value: $ 1,700,000
Panther completed a soils excavation, stabilization and disposal project conducted primarily in multiple wetland areas of the approximate 80 acre site. Starting in 2011 and completed in 2012, Panther planned, directed and completed the excavation, characterization, and disposal of over 15,000 tons of contaminated soils for the Trust of a major multi-national corporation. Work completed in sensitive wetlands areas and coordinated with Mercer County SCD. Services included clearing of 4+ wooded acres, continuous bypass pumping of an existing stream (300 to 1,200 GPM) and subsequent dewatering of the downstream pond, excavation of 15,000 tons of sediments, provision and placement of 12,000 tons of backfill, 2,500 CY of topsoil, 65,000 SF of ECB, and specialized restoration work of over 3+ acres of wetlands/uplands including planting of selective species of trees, shrubs and specialized grass mixes. Technical challenges successfully completed included the removal and stabilization of 11,200 tons of soils/sediments from an existing stream fed pond with 42 and 30 RCP storm water pipes entering the excavated areas. The soils/sediments were removed to the existing bedrock at depths of up to 8 below the normal surface elevation of this water. A temporary 2,000 gpm bypass pumping system with 600 LF of discharge hose, three (3) rock check dams and sediment bag filtering system was employed for the entire excavation period to re-route the stream, divert storm water from the RCPs and remove the water from the pond to facilitate excavation. Additionally, Panther installed 1,100 LF of new 6 chain-link fence with barb wire.

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