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Plating Line Decommissioning Project


Location: Sellersville, Pennsylvania
Value: $ 10,000.00
Panther was contracted to remove and clean alkaline salts from various dip, strip and cleaner tanks located in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. The project was completed over a two day period and involved creating access points to remove ten (10) cubic yards of caustic salts from the various tanks. The project was broken into two parts to minimize cost. First, Panther's crew accessed the plating tanks, decanted all remaining liquid, and broke the remaining salts into the appropriate size for removal via 6-inch vactor hose. The following day, the crew vactored the solids from the tanks, scraped the side walls and disposed of the waste material via the vactor unit to a local hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal (TSD) facility. Panther provided a three man crew, drum vacuum with HEPA filter, Level C protection, Draeger pump with tubes, drum vacuums, utility vehicles, and impact tools to execute the work.

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