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PCB and Septic Cleanup


Location: Parsippany, New Jersey
Value: $ 300,000
Panther was awarded a project for a major pharmaceutical company at a site in Parsippany, New Jersey. The project involved the excavation and removal of soils associated with an on-site septic system that had become contaminated with PCBs. In addition, Pantherís crew performed additional services including the removal of several electrical transformers and other ancillary systems. Prior to mobilization Panther prepared a Site Specific Health and Safety Plan, contacted the NJ One Call for a utility mark-out, and attended the ownerís health and safety training. During the active work period, each day included a morning Health and Safety review and planning meeting. Upon completion of an acceptable level of effort and results as determined and signed off by the on-site representative, each area was photographed for quality assurance and documentation purposes. For the work, Panther mobilized a 4-man crew, utility truck, office trailer, JD 270 excavator, JD 80 mini-excavator, demo hammer, roller, frac tanks, trencher, trench boxes, erosion control materials, and other items required to complete the tasks associated with each element of the project. A licensed surveyor performed a survey and provided a layout of the prescribed limits. Pantherís crew cleared only those trees approved by the owner to perform the work in a safe and effective manner. Soils were removed using large and small machines. The mini-excavator was used for the excavation adjacent to the buildings and transformers as it can be operated safely in tighter environments. Panther excavated the materials in a manner that minimized the potential for cross-contaminating non-TSCA material with TSCA material. The work was completed on time, on budget and without incident. Panther has since completed additional tasks at the facility and is currently scheduled to perform additional work later this year.

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