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PCB Remediation


Location: Central New Jersey
Value: $ 50,000.00
As one of five contractors selected by a confidential utility client for their PCB and MGP Remedial Services Program, Panther was awarded a project to excavate PCB contaminated soil and decontaminate concrete and metallic surfaces at an operating electrical switch yard for a confidential utility client in thier PCB and MGP Remedial Services Program. Panther was selected for this project due to our extensive experience and superior safety record when working in high-risk areas on sensitive projects. Prior to mobilization, Panther personnel obtained OSHA 269 training (Electrical Transmission and Distribution Safety Standard), prepared a Site Specific Health and Safety Plan and Work Plan for the client to review and approve, and completed a NJ-One Call utility mark-out. Additional logistical planning was conducted with a client representative prior to mobilization to ensure safe execution of the project. Panther established work zones and then began removing soil and stone by hand digging, and the use of other soft dig techniques that included a vactainer and a vactor. All intrusive activities were performed using Level C PPE. Certified clean fill was used for backfill, and was placed in twelve-inch lifts using a powered wheelbarrow, and compacted by hand using a steel plate compactor. Concrete and steel surfaces were prepared by lining the edges of the affected areas with poly sheeting and sorbents to prevent further contamination from run-off. Panther used a product called Capsur to decontaminate the surfaces. Capsur foam was applied to the surfaces using a stiff broom, allowed to remain on each surface for five minutes before being vacuumed into drums. The initial application was followed by two additional applications using the same methodology. After a waiting period of 24 hours, the cleaned surfaces were coated with epoxy sealers, and appropriate PCB marks were affixed.

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