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MGP Soil Remediation


Location: Sea Isle City, New Jersey
Value: $ 635,000
A major New Jersey utility company awarded Panther a contract to remediate MGP impacted soils on property owned by a municipality located on the Jersey Shore. This project was time critical as it needed to be complete prior to the beginning of the summer beach season starting on Memorial Day weekend. Failure to meet the schedule would interfere with the holiday season and impact businesses resulting in a public relations disaster for our client. The project centered around the remediation of MGP soils located at a busy intersection within a shore town. Panther was tasked with removing 2,500 tons of soil to a depth of 13ft bgs. The project also included the removal and replacement of the 330 linear feet of 8 publicly owned sanitary sewer and laterals to ten homes. Major challenges associated with the project included groundwater at just 3 ft bgs in close proximity to the ocean. Further, the work had to occur without disruption of services to the existing residences. As a result, the excavation and trenching project included soil support as well as a significant well-point based dewatering and water treatment system including bypass pumping systems. It was required that the systems operate flawlessly 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for the duration of the month-long project. Prior to excavation and trenching, asphalt and concrete covering the impacted soil and sewer were carefully removed. Transportation and disposal of the impacted soils, asphalt, concrete and all other materials encountered including 330 linear feet of the old asbestos-cement sewer per NJDEP and EPA regulations was provided. The site was restored utilizing certified backfill and installed a 6-inch asphalt layer. Due to the location of the project, Panther had to work closely with municipal authorities to obtain permits for opening the streets and controlling traffic. We have a long history of success at high visibility locations where there is significant public interest. Panther completed the project safely and according to the strict schedule. In addition, our client can claim a public relations success. (701171010)

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