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MGP In-Situ Stabilization & Excavation


Location: Central New Jersey
Value: $ 19,000,000
Panther’s team was contracted to perform a large scale MGP remediation project which included excavation and offsite thermal treatment and disposal of ~80,000 tons of MGP impacted soils/concrete debris and In-Situ Stabilization (ISS) of 31,000 CY of impacted materials within thirteen (13) separate Areas of Concern (AOCs) spanning ~ 200,000 SF. The excavation portion of the project was completed in the soils above the weathered shale and competent bedrock. At 13 AOCs ISS was utilized to treat MGP and LNAPL impacted soils and weathered shale to down to ~41-ft below ground surface. Two track excavators outfitted with long reach and custom booms were employed to execute the ISS portion of the project. Additionally, ~4,000 tons of below grade concrete infrastructure was removed and sent offsite for thermal treatment/disposal. Based on the 100% success rate of the 200 ISS treatment grids, completion of project milestones within the deadlines provided and overall project performance, the client awarded additional phases of remediation at multiple AOC’s at the site for an additional ~34,000 tons of excavation and offsite treatment/disposal of MGP impacted soils/debris. A combination of non-hazardous MGP impacted soils and hazardous lead impacted soils were excavated and sent offsite for treatment/disposal. Additionally, TENORM impacted soils were mechanically screened from the lead impacted soils using a track mount hi-capacity McCloskey screener. Soft digging around the perimeter of each AOC was accomplished using high pressure water/vacuum methods. One AOC was located within an active 36-inch diameter gas transmission line and was excavated utilizing soft dig methods exclusively. Another AOC was remediated on a 1:1 slope with soils being excavated to 27’ below grade. Post excavation, a stone filled cellular confinement layer was installed to restore and protect the steep slope area. Other contracted work completed by Panther included installation of 4,400 LF of 8’ high security fence, identified, tapped, cut and capped over 100 known and unknown utilities onsite, asphalt removal and installation of ~100,000 SF of new asphalt roadway, onsite vibration and settlement monitoring with remote data reporting, the provision of a 75 GPM ground water treatment system (GWTS), excavation with earth support, dewatering, third party private utility location, third party security guards and installation and compaction of ~75,000 tons of NJDEP certified clean backfill and ¾” stone. The project was completed over 365 working days without incident, within budget and on schedule.

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