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Landfill Drainage, Swale and Erosion Control Measures


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Location: South Brunswick and Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey
Value: $ 1,700,000.00
Panther completed implementation of drainage swale repairs and restoration services at former operating landfill sites in Egg Harbor Township and South Brunswick Township, NJ. At the Egg Harbor landfill, Panther completed improvements to establish storm water flow along a 3,000-foot swale with a width of 20 feet (60,000 SF area). This effort and other work at this site included major site drainage upgrades and slope/erosion control measures that consisted of providing and placing over 6,000 tons of imported materials, re-routing of an existing sub-grade drainage piping system, installation of PVC geomembrane liners, installation of non-woven geotextile layer, and installation of biodegradable erosion control mats over hydro-seeded areas. The work at the South Brunswick landfill was completed according to strict deadlines and under the inspection of a national client, the NJDEP and USEPA in May and June 2004. Panther provided all of the labor, equipment, materials and licensed surveying necessary for relocating an existing 15 RCP drainage pipe, re-contouring of two swale areas in failure (aggregate area of approximately 4,500 square feet), site restorations and the final surveying report and as-built documentation. In addition to significant projects at the sites described above, Panther has also provided ongoing support and field services for the same national client at several other landfill sites since 2001 and continuing through the present. This work has included the installation of three (3) new leachate collection pump stations at the Egg Harbor Township landfill. The work included the re-design, provision and installation of three (3)-72 ID HDPE x 50 deep leachate pump stations complete with dual 12 HDPE screens, dual submersible pumping systems at each station including all automatic controls and all of the electrical work and upgrades necessary to complete the system. Panther continues to maintain a close working relationship with this client throughout the Northeast region due to our ability to respond quickly and provide our client with the quality workmanship they have come to expect from our team.

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