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Interim Cap Repair & Replacement – RCRA Impoundment


Location: Bridgewater, NJ
Value: $ 335,000
Panther was contracted to install a new HDPE interim liner cover over a 6+ acre portion of a RCRA impoundment containing waste materials previously excavated from other portions of the 575 acre superfund site in Bridgewater, NJ. The existing liner covering the solidified waste was damaged and the liner’s waste containment function was compromised in several locations. The 1st phase included removing ballast materials holding the existing liner in place while maintaining the integrity of the existing waste cover system. The ballast included over 1,700 linear feet of concrete pipes along with an estimated 12,000 sand bags. The concrete pipes were removed and set off to the side for replacement after the new liner was installed. 2,400 linear feet of anchor trench was dug around the perimeter of the area to be lined. An anchor trench was also dug up and across the summit of the concrete-solidified waste pile, a distance of 850 feet. A demo hammer was needed to break up the solidified material. 150 feet of the anchor trench was excavated down the 2:1 slope and clay backfill was placed with a 60’ long reach excavator. 290,000 square feet of new 40 mill HDPE liner was deployed over the existing interim cover as ballast was removed, anchor trenches were prepared and the weather cooperated. The liner was deployed in strategic locations depending on wind direction and intensity. Newly installed liner was ballasted down via the construction of 10’ wide stone access roads, which were underlain with 16oz geotextile fabric to protect the new liner. The valley area between the cells was stabilized with a heavy-duty double sided drainage composite material such that the weight of equipment and the stone ballast road would not compromise the new liner due to the soft (wet) subgrade in the valley. The project was completed accident free and on budget despite the challenging site conditions and the early winter weather conditions.

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