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Installation of a Gas Venting System at a Superfund Site


Location: Somersworth, New Hampshire
Value: $ 800,000.00
Panther was awarded this combination Site Civil/Mechanical Installation contract to install a Passive Gas Venting System around the Superfund Landfill. Panther was selected over its competition because we were able to demonstrate operation efficiencies that resulted in significant cost savings. The system consisted of two 700 foot long trenches where gas collection laterals connected to risers were placed. The laterals and risers were surrounded by gravel and an impermeable liner covered the backside of each trench. The entire system was emplaced to 32 feet BGS. Panther utilized a biopolymer slurry system to stabilize the deep trench (32 feet BGS) during trenching and system installation. The trenches were roughly five wide and the system was designed to intercept gas emanating from an adjacent landfill being managed under the Superfund program. Panther mobilized considerable resources from our operations facility in Medford, NJ. These resources included, a long stick Komatsu PC300LC-6 track mounted excavator, two (2) Caterpillar D250E articulated trucks, a CAT D3 dozer, a Komatsu 3 Yard wheel loader, and a specialized liner roll spreader bar for the installation of the impermeable liner. The project was staffed by an eight (8) man crew including the site manager, equipment operators and several remediation technicians. Slurry system components used were: two (2) Baker tanks, one (1) 1,000 gallon slurry mixer, slurry remixing pump and delivery system, 100 KVA generator, proprietary slurry materials, bactericide and chlorine and miscellaneous plumbing and hoses. Challenges included encountering significant quantities of trash and debris, and severe winter weather. Trash and large debris greatly affected the slurry based trench stabilization system, and forced the trench to widen 6-8 feet in some places. Due to cold conditions extensive winterization of equipment and slurry tanks was necessary to accomplish the project goals. Despite the challenges, Pantherís dedicated team completed the project safely and within the originally allotted amount of time.

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