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Installation of ZVI PRB via In-Situ Soil Mixing


Location: Torrington, Connecticut
Value: $ 330,000
Panther successfully completed remedial activities at a former manufacturing facility located in central Connecticut. The primary objective of the project was the creation of a Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) via in-place mixing of Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) with contaminated soil in the water table aquifer to treat residual contamination. The work also included excavation and stockpiling of soil for T&D. In addition, Panther was tasked with providing key support regarding the relocation and repair of older utilities in very close proximity to building foundations. Panther was awarded the project after carefully evaluating the risks and provided an approach that protected all parties from multiple potential liabilities and risks. Prior to full mobilization, Panther submitted a Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan, Waste Material Management Plan and list of proposed disposal facilities and various material submittals. In addition, we scheduled a public utility clearance and performed a pre-construction photo survey of all adjacent buildings and structures. Due to the lack of exact knowledge regarding the on-site utilities and foundation structures, Panther mobilized a small crew to excavate test pits next to the buildings to inspect foundations and footings, support the relocation of a water line, and determine the depth to groundwater. Due to the sensitive nature of the work, all intrusive activities were completed in close cooperation and coordination with the client’s engineer. Once the utility support services were completed, Panther performed the soil excavation and saturated zone-mixing portion of the project. Although Panther owns customized soil mixing equipment, we opted to achieve optimum economics and thorough blending utilizing one of our experienced operators to manipulate an excavator bucket through the target zone. The client’s consultant independently verified that the required ZVI-saturated soil ratios were achieved. The project was completed on schedule, under budget and accident free.

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