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Installation of Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination System


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Location: Eatontown, New Jersey
Value: $ 100,000.00
Panther implemented an enhanced reductive de-chlorination approach to complement cleanup of dissolved phase chlorinated organics in groundwater at a client facility in Northern New Jersey. The project involved two major components, the first being the modification of discharge from an on-site water treatment plant which was converted to a direct re-injection of treated effluent to groundwater alternative (DGW) versus a previous discharge to surface water alternative (DSW). This phase of work involved running over 5,000 feet of new conveyance piping and conduits from existing extraction wells to the plant, and then to a newly installed injection trench consisting of multiple laterals at multiple elevations to allow for re-injection of over 50 gallons per minute of treated water. The second component involved supplementing the existing groundwater treatment system by enhancing natural biological factors in-situ, thus speeding the rate of remediation at the site and decreasing the need for the existing groundwater treatment system to continue to operate. An anaerobic treatment barrier was created by installing a permeable dissolution trench several hundred feet long which was backfilled with pea gravel mixed with hydrogen release compound (HRC). In all, roughly 5,000 gallons of HRC was applied to several thousand tons of backfill to create an anaerobic zone for breaking down chlorinated dissolved phase organics. The system is in the monitoring phase where geochemical parameters and chemical analyses are being conducted from within the trench materials as well as in surrounding monitoring wells to document the effects of this approach.

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Task 62_01092009_104433.JPG

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