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Installation of Dual Leg SVE System


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Value: $ 150,000.00
Panther completed the pilot testing and installation of subsurface piping, horizontal and vertical wells for a newly designed SVE system being installed on a site in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for chlorinated hydrocarbons (PCE/TCE). The project was high profile and overseen by the Department of Licenses and Inspections as well as the Mayor's office. The project involved multiple extraction legs, which were controlled centrally and allowed flexibility for extraction from discreet subsurface zones and depths of localized impact. The system also included an innovative sub-slab vapor control system to prevent vapor migration into the new building structure. Extraction flow rates exceeding 750 SCFM were used with vapor phase treatment through carbon. As part of the project, Panther constructed a sea-box based system in our shop for installation at the site while allowing portability for use at other sites as well.

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