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In-Situ Stabilization and Solidification


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Location: Great Meadows, New Jersey
Value: $ 2,500,000.00
Panther performed in-situ stabilization of metals contaminated soils and sludge as part of a larger remediation project. Treatment studies determined that Portland cement would be the agent of choice for stabilizing the sludge and sediments found in the four lagoons, each being approximately 1/2-acre and 8-ft deep. After dewatering the surface water, the sludge was pumped to drying beds, this action served two purposes; first the pumping action homogenized the sludge to ensure that a consistent cement-sludge ratio could be utilized, and secondly, removal of the sludge exposed the base of the lagoons so they could be stabilized as well. The cement was introduced to the bottom of the basins utilizing a long-reach excavator to perform in-situ mixing. During this time period the sludge was able to dry in the shallower beds. Following treatment of the basin bottoms were stabilized, the sludge in the drying beds was addressed while the basin bottoms cured. Field tests and destructive testing were utilized to ensure that appropriate material strengths were achieved. After the curing process was demonstrated, stabilized sludge was reintroduced to the basins, followed by the installation of engineered cap systems over to prevent water from contacting the stabilized and solidified materials.

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Task 66_01092009_110014.JPG

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