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In-Situ Remediation of PCE & TCE in Groundwater Using Sodium and Potassium Permanganate


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Location: Morris Plains, New Jersey
Value: $ 2,400,000.00
Panther was contracted to design and install an ISCO system and a 100-gpm extraction/treatment system to remediate impacted shallow and deep aquifers at a site. As a component of the remedy, a number of oxidant recipes were bench tested including Fenton’s activated persulfate and sodium/potassium permanganate. Bench testing of sodium/potassium permanganate resulted in the most reliable destruction of chlorinated VOCs (CVOCs). Based on these results, Panther developed an oxidation program that would address CVOCs in both the deep regional aquifer (40 – 80’ BGS) and the perched aquifer (10 – 25’ BGS) over an area of approximately 5-acres. During hydraulic injection testing, Panther conducted step testing in each aquifer to confirm design estimates into the perched and regional aquifers while validating the initial design radius of influence estimates. Upon completion of pre-design tasks, drill rigs were mobilized to install 24 2-inch perched aquifer injection wells screened from 10 – 20-feet bgs and 57 2-inch regional aquifer injection wells with varying screen intervals depending on lithologic unit targeted. Following development and sampling of the 21 performance monitoring wells, stainless steel 21,000-gallon frac tanks, containment liners, conveyance systems, injection trailers (diaphragm pumps, magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, control panels with VFD drives) along with 475,000 lbs of potassium permanganate and 60,000 lbs of 40% sodium permanganate were mobilized to the site to facilitate injection. With total flow rates in the perched aquifer 30-gpm and the regional aquifer over 100-gpm, approximately 60,000 lbs of sodium permanganate (as 5% solution) and 100,000 lbs of potassium permanganate (as 2.5% solution) have been injected to date. At the sustained regional aquifer injection flow rates of over 100-gpm, an estimated 2,300,000 gallons of solution will be injected by July 2007, with post-injection groundwater monitoring scheduled thereafter.

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Task 10_01232009_081608.JPG

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