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In-Situ Oxidation Using Sodium and Potassium Permanganate


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Location: Quincy, Massachusetts
Value: $ 950,000.00
Pantherís team, along with other national experts, were retained to evaluate a facility closure project that required remediation of Chlorinated Solvents. The system involved the design and implementation of a full-scale, but phased, in-situ oxidation program. After analyzing existing monitoring well data and supplemental information gathered during the construction of a 114-injection point system, the contaminated areas were defined and the treatment dosages calculated on a point-by-point basis. It was determined that the target treatment interval was a silt and clay layer approximately 10 to 12 feet beneath the ground surface. The injection of both sodium and potassium permanganate was designed to address areas that contained separate phase dense non-aqueous phase (DNAPL) solvents, as well as other areas containing high to moderate levels of dissolved and adsorbed phase solvents. Critical in this treatment program were nearby wetlands, and a stream culvert. Based on experience at other sites, an injection plan that utilized both potassium and sodium permanganate was implemented, so that the appropriate quantities of oxidant were injected and hydraulic mounding that could have displaced contaminated waters or oxidant to the wetlands or stream was avoided. Solvent reduction was very successful in all areas where permanganate was applied. Three months post treatment monitoring showed some limited solvent concentrations rebounding (areas where total solvent concentrations exceeded 1 ppm) and some detection of solvents in some peripheral untreated areas. A limited second application of sodium permanganate was conducted during the facility demolition to address minor residual contamination areas. The remediation system was taken out of service one month prior to the initiation of the oxidation program. Based on post treatment results, the need for a groundwater and soil vapor treatment system was eliminated which resulted in a $3 million dollar savings according to our client.

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Task 64_01092009_105533.JPG

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