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In-Situ Chromium VI Reduction utilizing Calcium Polysulfide


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Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Value: $ 120,000.00
Panther was sole sourced to provide project management and construction service for the installation of an in-situ Chromium VI reduction system at an active industrial facility located in Baltimore, Maryland. Prior to mobilization Panther prepared work plans, including an extensive site-specific health and safety plan that included procedures to protect site workers from exposure during demolition subsurface structures, demolition of chromium-contaminated concrete, and the handling of hazardous materials. This project was further complicated by the extremely condensed implementation timeframe, completing the project during the customerís holiday shutdown period. In addition to time constraints, Panther worked along side several other subcontractors operating simultaneously in a physically limited area. Panther mobilized multiple pieces of heavy equipment to selectively demolish the 18-24-inch reinforced concrete base within two (2) 150-foot long steel dipping vaults. Following demolition of the vaults, concrete containment walls were constructed from rebar, formed and concrete was poured isolating the long dipping vaults into a number of separate treatment cells. Within each treatment cell, PVC piping was installed to facilitate the injection and monitoring of the calcium polysulfide through a horizontal and vertical piping network. Following piping installation, the treatment cells were backfilled with crushed stone, sealed with a liquid boot compound and finally a polyethylene vapor barrier system was installed over the cells to eliminate worker exposure to the reductant solution. Following completion of the injection system installation, a calcium polysulfide solution was injected through the subsurface network to reduce chromium contamination beneath the active facility without interruption of the customerís operations at the facility.

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Task 55_01092009_104658.JPG

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