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In-Situ Chemical Oxidation of Soil and Groundwater Using Permanganate


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Value: $ 350,000.00
Panther completed in-situ soil mixing of approximately 5,000 tons of soil using potassium permanganate at a site in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for chlorinated hydrocarbons (PCE/TCE). The final implementation utilized onsite mixing tanks, conveyance pumps and 35,000 lb excavators to mix approximately 24,000 lbs of potassium permanganate into soils to 12 feet bgs. All mixing was completed in a 6-week window followed by confirmatory soil sampling resulting in no further action for site soils. Additionally, groundwater impacts in fractured bedrock have resulted in concentrations of CVOCs ranging from approximately 30 mg/l to approximately 90 mg/l. Panther injected sodium permanganate through vertical 4-inch PVC injection wells into the fractured bedrock to address source area impacts. During injection activities, approximately 20,000 lbs of sodium permanganate was injected into the fractured bedrock to address offsite migration issues related to elevated source area concentrations onsite. All groundwater impacts were reduced to non-detect levels within 1 month of injection into the fractured bedrock system.

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