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In-Situ ChemOx of Fuel Oil


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Location: Columbia Lakes, New Jersey
Value: $ 75,000.00
Panther was contracted to treat residual fuel oil contamination that was adsorbed to unsaturated and saturated soils in the rear of a potable drinking water plant located in Columbia Lakes, New Jersey. The project had been previously investigated by others where a free-phase product recovery system was operated for several years. This system was designed to intercept product that was released from a 5,000-gallon #2 Fuel Oil underground storage tank (UST) and ultimately discharged to a nearby stream that ultimately created problems with the fish population. Soils consisted of silty clays with a low permeability; however, sand stringers existed throughout the shallow subsurface, which served as migration pathways for dissolved and free-phase contamination. The clays allowed product to adhere and become trapped in the subsurface, which could not be conventionally treated. Free-phase was reduced to a sheen after initial recovery efforts were completed. The approach consisted of an in-situ physio-chemical reaction via Fentonís Oxidation. The former tank excavation served as a pool for dissolved phase contamination and the down gradient permeable trench used for product recovery contained residual contamination that could not be desorbed. Roughly 10,000-gallons of hydrogen peroxide were injected after field adjusting the pH and ferrous iron content before injection to create hydroxyl radials necessary for oxidization. The solution was used to fill the excavation above the water table where the elevated head associated with the bath tub effect created by reduced permeability of surrounding soils pushed through the sand stringers down gradient into the interceptor trench. Immediately upon introduction, reactions with residual contamination were witnessed and later found to be extremely successful in eliminating the free-phase sheen and reducing groundwater dissolved phase concentrations to before quality criteria in both areas. The project was completed turnkey including the design and implementation of the remedy and successful in abating the problem. It was later closed following 18 months of confirmatory monitoring of on-site monitoring wells that the dissolved and free-phase contaminated had been abated.

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Task 47_01092009_104842.JPG

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