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Hexavalent Chromium Remediation – Multiple Sites


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Location: Hudson County, New Jersey
Value: $ 1,800,000.00
Panther provided key technical and strategic input as a member of a high-level Advisory Committee to this Fortune 500 Company on a number of sites contaminated with hexavalent chromium in the form of chromium ore processing residual (COPR). Panther conducted a feasibility evaluation on the most effective means of remediation for several high profile hexavalent chromium contaminated sites for which court ordered cleanups were required. Based on Panther’s wide ranging experience with traditional remedial technologies, soils/material handling and in-situ chemical oxidation and reduction, a number of remedial alternatives were evaluated, including excavation and off-site disposal; entombment on-site; on-site in-situ and ex-situ stabilization and in-situ reduction. A number of in-situ chemical reduction chemistries were evaluated. Panther developed a protocol for bench testing of various reductants selected for further testing, and designed a pilot-scale field test that supported a full-scale implementation. The full-scale design included shallow soils mixing as well as deep soil injections and groundwater injections using the selected reductants. The in-situ remediation components were ultimately folded in to several engineered systems including modification to building footers and foundations, etc. as part of an overall site redevelopment plan.

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Task 45_01092009_104742.JPG

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