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Geotextile and Aggregate Cap


Location: Middlesex, New Jersey
Value: $ 180,000.00
Panther was selected to complete an interim cap system for a client located on River Road in Middlesex, New Jersey. The services included the clearing of trees and heavy brush from three (3) areas to be capped which are divided by two (2) active rail lines, the installation of a non-woven geotextile followed by anchoring and capping with an engineered aggregate. The work was conducted in ponded areas with over five (5) feet of water in some locations. Among the many tasks performed, our group surveyed the site to provide edge of cap and final grades, in addition to performing traffic control including signage and local police assistance for safely coordinating the delivery of 2,500 tons of aggregate along a blind curve cut off by two (2) old arch style railroad bridges. The sequencing of the project and placement of capping materials was critical to the completion of the work in a safe and efficient manner. The activities completed included a site survey, sedimentation and erosion control modifications including installation of a tracking pads, relocation and staging debris and trees and staging of capping materials.

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