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Facility-Wide Decontamination and Remediation Project


Location: Carteret, New Jersey
Value: $ 180,000.00
Panther was contracted to perform facility decontamination, environmental capping and sump removal/restoration services at a facility located in Carteret, New Jersey. The activities included a site survey, decontamination of over 100 process vessels, five miles of process piping, 500,000 square feet of building floors and steel surfaces, pre-characterization of RCRA listed soils, surgical excavation, grading, subgrade installation and compaction, and asphalt capping of the selected areas. In addition, Panther replaced various process lines, re-lined the interior of a number of sumps, and replaced a 3,000 gallon process sump. Panther provided a six-man crew to perform site-wide decontamination of PCB, petroleum, and heavy metal contaminated tanks, vessels, surfaces and/or process areas as part of the work. Panther provided an additional crew to implement the capping services which included surveying and installation of grade controls, surgical excavation and grading, headwall construction and channel extension, subbase installation and compaction, installation of a five (5) inch and eight (8) inch asphalt cap profiles, top soil and seeding. During the course of the project, Panther carefully executed the excavation plan and reduced the quantity of listed hazardous waste soil requiring disposal by 200 tons. In addition, Panther carefully segregated highly contaminated soil from minimally impacted soils, which significantly reduced disposal costs by reducing the amount of material requiring incineration thus saving our client $200,000.00 in disposal cost. Panther also provided value-engineering alternatives to the specified sump re-lining method including a two (2) part proprietary epoxy coating system, which restored the structural integrity of the sump and provided an impermeable, chemical resistant barrier for the concrete substrate.

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