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Facility Decontamination and Demolition


Location: Barrington, New Jersey
Value: $ 175,000.00
Panther provided personnel and equipment for the abatement and demolition of various loading docks and structures in Barrington, New Jersey. The work included the removal of two (2) loading docks, the cleanup of lead chips throughout a 300,000 SF warehouse space and the recycling and disposal of various waste materials including PCB contaminated transformers and concrete pads at the redeveloped property. Panther's team had previously performed a facility wide decontamination and demolition project ($2,500,000) at this site over a nine-month period, as part of a Brownfield redevelopment effort. The project involved reuse of over 1,000,000 SF of warehousing space. Based on our successful efforts and client satisfaction during this work, additional opportunities were provided to our group. The demolition work associated with this phase of the redevelopment included the scoring of concrete along the edge of the new building, removal of two (2) docks totaling 10,000 square feet and segregation and disposal of the resulting debris. Panther personnel surgically removed the docks, while preserving newly poured concrete foundations and floors adjacent to the areas. Panther segregated over 80 tons of steel and 1,000 tons of concrete for off-site recycling. Under a separate mobilization, Panther provided a five (5) man OSHA trained crew to collect paint chips from the site. The work included the removal of paint chips previously scraped from the rafters, beams, ceiling, and supports throughout a three hundred thousand (300,000) square foot portion of the building by other painting subcontractors. The work was provided in three (3) mobilizations to allow the owner to conduct other services related to roof restoration and outside operation without compromise to their work force while maintaining the critical path schedule.

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