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Excavation & Off-Site Disposal of Lakebed Sediments and Restoration of Aetna Lakes, The Mirror Lakes and Jackson Memorial Park Wetlands


Location: Medford, New Jersey
Value: $ 2,250,000.00
As a result of severe flooding during July 2004, several lakes, residential communities and a local park within the Medford Lakes community were impacted by the breaching of a number of dams. In addition, over the 80-year lifespan of the lakes, sediment buildup of greater than 3 feet had converted the lakes into swamps. The local community requested the lakes be restored to their original condition, and obtained permits from the NJDEP, Pinelands Commission and the Burlington County Soil Conservation District to allow the removal of the accumulated sediment. Panther, through a competitive selection process, was awarded a contract to dredge and restore the lakes to their original condition. Our group performed the necessary clearing and stabilization to allow the construction of 12 truck access ramps into the lake areas and implemented all of the soil erosion and sediment control measures required by various approving authorities. The access ramps allowed for the safe ingress and egress of tri-axle-dump trucks. Starting in May 2006 and using five 60' long reach excavators, two standard excavators, crane mats and plank roads, Panther excavated a total of 83,000 cubic yards of lakebed sediment from over 46 acres. The sediment was re-used as sub-grade for the installation of new athletic fields. Excavation was performed up to the limits of residential bulkheads, docks, bridges, culverts and other structures. All excavation activities were controlled by routing and final elevation surveys. During the sediment removal, Panther continually segregated the active work areas by diverting the base water flow through the lakes. In addition, Panther dewatered the areas being dredged and stabilized the sediment prior to transport gravity draining via “high piling”. Rock check dams, floating turbidity barriers and silt fence were installed to minimize the discharge of sediment, sediment-laden water downstream of the project site. Upon the completion of all excavation activities, approximately 2,000 new plants and coir fiber logs were installed at various wetlands, uplands and the truck load-out locations. This included the installation of 70 Atlantic white cedar trees in two acres of Jackson Memorial Park in December 2006. In addition, Panther installed approximately 4,000 square feet of a topsoil-filled Geoblock Porous Pavement System and various other erosion control measures at the access road locations. Panther also installed approximately 200 LF of new timber retaining wall bulkhead at one access location and repaired existing timber & gabion bulkheads at others. The project was performed on schedule and below budget. By working diligently and cooperatively with all local stakeholders Panther enjoys warm relations with residents, local community leaders, and authorities including the Pinelands Commission and the Burlington County Soil Conservation District.

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