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Emergency Response to a Fire Site


Location: Bridgeport, Pennsylvania
Value: $ 120,000.00
Following a highly publicized fire at an industrial park, Panther was contracted to perform post fire cleanup operations. The site consisted of over 50 companies that burned to the ground in May 2001, many that housed thousands of containers and drums of hazardous wastes in over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse space. The owner engaged our group to complete cleanup operations including site-wide decontamination, select demolition and waste containment and disposal. Our efforts at careful waste segregation and management resulted in over $500,000 in savings over an initial waste disposal approach developed by others. Although Panther usually performs under fixed price contracts, due to the nature of this rapid response, the work was performed on a time and materials basis. The project was completed over an eight month period at a value of $1.2M. Additional activities at the site were requested by the client including building reconstruction services which represented another $1.5M of work.

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