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Drum Superfund Site


Location: Tabernacle, New Jersey
Value: $ 160,000.00
Panther was awarded a contract to perform work at a Superfund site in Tabernacle, New Jersey. Core elements of the project included decontamination and demolition of a water treatment facility, excavation and removal of vaults and underground utilities, abandonment of several wells and the deconstruction of an access road. The facility and site infrastructure that was removed were located within both wetland and upland environments. Restoration of all disturbed areas was accomplished by using over 20 distinct plant species in the wetland and upland areas. Panther performed an initial site survey, installed SESC controls, and constructed a stabilized construction entrance to accommodate the transport of demolition debris. Panther’s crew dismantled all of the equipment within the treatment plant and the facility was demolished. Panther provided containers for steel recycling, C&D and concrete as required to effectively remove all components of the treatment building from the site. Other site utilities and infrastructure including vaults, wells and the access road were excavated and properly sized for disposal. All disturbed areas were restored according to an approved plan that accounted for the different environments. Panther conducted a pre-restoration survey after invasive work was completed and prior to the importation of the wetlands and uplands topsoil. Panther utilized fills according to the wetland or upland conditions encountered. After the fill was brought to the appropriate subgrade, Panther imported and placed 6” of topsoil (2” organic and 4” loam) in the 4,200 sy wetlands area and 4” of topsoil (4” loam) in the 5,100 sy uplands area. Prior to seeding and planting the soil Rutgers University Soil Testing Laboratory analyzed samples from the uplands and wetlands. Panther worked in conjunction with a wetlands expert and a wetlands planting subcontractor, to ensure that the variety of species specified for both the wetland and upland were installed correctly. Panther completed the one-year inspections in February of 2007.

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