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Decontamination and Demolition of Process Vessels, Piping and Structures


Location: Woodbridge, New Jersey
Value: $ 1,000,000.00
Panther was contracted to provide targeted decontamination and demolition services at a personal and industrial hygiene products manufacturing facility in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The project was to convert the manufacturing space to warehouse space. The areas of concern included liquid and solid mixing, loading and packaging areas, caustic bead silo area, pneumatic loading lines, neutralization pits, pumping stations, laboratory and maintenance areas, and general warehouse facilities. Approximately 450,000 SF of space was involved in the project. The project was initiated with a six-person crew, and utilized 18 people during the peak periods when multiple tasks were underway simultaneously. Equipment included hand tools (drills, sawzalls) as well as HEPA vacuums, high-pressure washers, air compressors, drum vacs, and various pneumatic tools (for scraping surfaces and dismantling ducts and utilities). High reach (scissor) lifts were also employed to allow access to ceilings, walls and associated ducts and utilities. A Vac-U-Max HEPA unit was used for high production duct work and solid/dust cleanup, and pumps, filtration equipment and hundreds of feet of transfer lines were used for consolidating and recycling rinseate which minimized disposal costs. Prior to beginning decontamination and demolition tasks, Panther reviewed lock-out and tag-out procedures with plant personnel. Appropriate safety measures were reviewed on a daily basis at morning toolbox meetings. In addition, Panther retained the services of a licensed structural engineer to evaluate structures, drawings and demolition plans to ensure that demolition activities could take place without jeopardizing the integrity of the building structure.

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