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Complex Excavation and Disposal, In-Situ Oxidation, PCB-DNAPL Contaminated Water Management and Wetlands/Creek Restoration


Location: Englewood, New Jersey
Value: $ 3,800,000.00
Panther was selected to perform a highly visible excavation and disposal project by a Fortune 500 client. This project involved waste characterization and disposal issues (RCRA and RCRA/TSCA soil and groundwater), as well as complex civil engineering requirements for sheeting, shoring, dewatering and excavating soil to 25 bgs between an elevated highway and immediately adjacent structures, and the mitigation of construction impacts to neighboring wetlands. Design features associated with this project included stream diversion, construction of a 12-foot wide access road through a wetlands area, installation of 35 sheet piling with multiple levels of shoring and bracing, multiple high volume automated 6-inch extraction wells, installation of four (4) 21,000 gallon steel frac tanks for storage of extracted groundwater, transportation and disposal of F-listed groundwater, handling and offsite disposal of three (3) soil waste streams ranging from RCRA F-listed waste to RCRA/TSCA waste requiring incineration, in-situ chemical oxidation of organics in soil and groundwater, backfilling and site restoration activities. Following the completion of remedial activities at the site, 18-inches of sandy loam subsoil was imported along with 6-inches of high organic topsoil to allow for the restoration of the streambed and wetlands. Once the area was graded and contoured, the wetlands replanting included silver maples, green ash trees, dogwood, spicebush and elderberry plants and a variety of stream corridor and uplands herbaceous species. Finally, the area was seeded with two different varieties of hydroseed depending on its location within the stream corridor that is subject to flooding and high water velocities, or the upland restoration areas. Due to the high level of contamination and presence of dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) entrained with PCBs all groundwater removed during dewatering was pumped through a DNAPL separation tank and filter prior to characterization and offsite disposal. 5,600 tons of soil and 150,000 gallons of water profiled as RCRA and RCRA/TSCA wastes (a total of four waste streams) were removed from the site.

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