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Chromium Pigment Plant Decommissioning, Lagoon Closure and In-Situ Reduction of Cr+6 in Groundwater


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Location: Slatington, Pennsylvania
Value: $ 1,600,000.00
Panther provided engineering design and construction management services for a Fortune 500 client in Slatington, Pennsylvania for a multi-phase remediation of a 45-acre former chrome pigment manufacturing site. Services were performed under PADEP ACT 2 approvals. The 1st phase included the erosion control, decommissioning of four (1)-acre chrome waste lagoons, transportation and disposal of over 350,000 gallons of treatment plant lagoon aqueous and sediment contents and the re-grading and backfilling of four waste-treatment lagoons. The 2nd phase included erosion control, decontamination of site structures, demolition of concrete/block buildings, foundations and pipe, milling of a 5-acre temporary asphalt cap reused onsite as fill, onsite crushing of concrete/block reused as structural fill, backfilling, geotechnical compaction. Services included hot-spot excavation and load-out of hexavalent and tri-valent chrome-impacted soils over a five (5) month period, regrading and capping of 5-acres disturbed, the excavation and T&D of 1,000 tons of contaminated soil and the importation and placement of a 10-acre capping system including placement of a witness geotextile and topsoil followed by hydroseeding of the area with a special wetlands mixture. The 3rd phase included installation of injection well gallery, pilot and full-scale subsurface chemical injection of sodium meta-bisulfite for treatment of hexavalent chromium contaminated groundwater that was seeping to the Lehigh River. The full-scale chemical injection system consisted of a manifold with flow meters and control valving to regulate injection ratio of oxidant and water. Post-injection groundwater monitoring events indicated a 90% reduction in site wide hex-chrome concentrations. Tasks also included managing reporting requirements under PADEP Act 2 of the Remedial Action Report (RAR) and Relief of Liability for attainment of Statewide Standards.

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