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Chromium Ore Residual Excavation and Disposal plus Capping Services


Location: Multiple Sites
Value: $ 770,000.00
Panther was contracted to provide environmental capping services at multiple sites for this property owner. The work completed by Panther includes storm water drainage pipe installation, man-hole restoration, hot spot waste removal, transportation, grading, planing, liner installation including tri-planer geocomposite installation, asphalt pavement and all survey services. Our team has completed four (4) projects for this Fortune 500 client over the past four years with results that have provided our team sole source awards of the past three (3) project including a 5,000 ton excavation, segregation, processing, crushing, and transportation project followed by the installation of a multiple layer capping system. Panther has worked closely with above groups to become a reliable team member. Our team’s focus includes the safe completion of the required work in a timely and cost effective manner while working through multiple challenges to keep the projects moving forward. Additionally, Panther assisted the owner and the owner’s engineer in pre-characterization of waste material, as well as negotiating disposal pricing through our volume discounts at many disposal facilities Panther utilizes. We prepared submittals in an expedited fashion, and where appropriate, made recommendations to the specification which met the intent of the document while saving thousands of dollars in the implementation. The projects completed to date include a two (2) acre cap with a 6” gravel base, barrier layer, tri-planer geotextile with a non-woven geotextile, drainage layer, and top layer of geotextile. Once placed, secured and seamed, an additional barrier layer was applied and a five (5) inch profile of asphalt pavement applied. All storm water was directed to manholes restored by our field team. Additional environmental services included the management of a variety of highly contaminated materials including pile caps, piles, foundations, COPR, and non-hazardous materials. Our group worked carefully with the team to ensure the wastes were properly segregated both chemical and physically, that waste components were sized such that the least costly offsite disposal option could be utilized and that the waste materials were disposed of in accordance with the analytical testing completed.

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