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Chemical Oxidation at a Bridge Building Site


Location: Driftwood, Pennsylvania
Value: $ 500,000
Panther was awarded and mobilized a six man crew equipped with level B/C emergency response systems to perform a chemical oxidation project at the base of an active bridge building project in Driftwood, Pennsylvania. Approximately 3,500 tons of soil from historic waste burning activities was uncovered during construction activities that contained unknown petroleum distillate products that were immediately dangerous to life and health. Soil samples were collected and bench tested to determine optimum chemical oxidant dosage, sodium persulfate activation methodology and effects of odor reducing foam on limiting airborne contaminants during soil mixing activities. Following a expedited bench test which showed a >99% reductions of contaminants in the soil phase and limited volatilization by use of short duration odor control foam, a custom 500-cfm stainless steel downdraft hood was fabricated and mounted to an excavator equipped mix head along with 3,000 gallon stainless steel chemical mix tanks, two (2) 55,000 lb excavators, short and long duration foam delivery systems, multiple 1,000 cfm vapor phase carbon vessels in series for mixing zone vapor control along with 75,000 lbs of sodium persulfate and approximately 50,000 lbs of lime were mobilized to the site to complete insitu soil mixing. During mixing activities, continuous perimeter air monitoring systems and work zone air monitoring evaluated potential emissions and all exclusion zone workers were upgraded to level B supplied air PPE and contaminant reduction zone workers were upgraded to level C PPE. Following mixing and confirmatory soil testing, all soil was loaded and disposed of at a permitted landfill. A $600k savings was achieved as a result of treating the soil in-situ and rendering it non-hazardous verses disposal as a hazardous waste.

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