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Chemical Manufacturing Plant PCB Cleanup


Location: New Jersey
Value: $ 330,000.00
Panther was contracted by a local chemical manufacturing client to excavate, remove, stabilize and load-out PCB-impacted sediments from an area adjacent to a tidal creek. Site preparation included construction facility / site support set-up, the installation of various soil erosion & sediment control measures, construction of decontamination pads and limited site clearing and grubbing. Upon the completion of clearing activities, Panther installed an at-grade work platform at the excavation area consisting of a base of geotextile and aggregate followed by (36) 8 x 14 wood equipment mats. This platform was used to support the crane, excavation equipment and roll-off containers to be used during the remediation activities. Using a vibratory driver/extractor with a 100-ton hydraulic truck crane, Panther installed 26 long steel sheets around the 13 wide by 25 long area to a finished depth of 24. The sheeting manufacturer installed polyurethane waterstop to one outside interlock of each pair of sheet piles and welded the center interlock of each pair prior to shipping the material to the site. Two (2) power brace walers were installed at designated depths inside of the sheeted box as system support. Upon the completion of the sheeting installation, Panther excavated and removed approximately 200 cubic yards of PCB-contaminated material from within the confines of the sheeting system, temporarily stockpiling the material to drain prior to transferring the material to lined roll-off containers and using cement kiln dust as a moisture conditioning agent as needed. The filled roll-off containers were then transferred to a temporary holding pad. Upon the receipt of clean post-excavation sample results from the bottom of the excavation, clean, imported # 57 stone was slowly introduced into the excavation and the water level inside of the sheeted box system was monitored to ensure no water was spilled over the sheet piles and outside of the sheeted box system. Panther pumped water from the excavation, when needed, into a nearby staged tanker.

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