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ChemOx and PCE Contaminated Soil and Groundwater


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Location: Levittown, Pennsylvania
Value: $ 150,000.00
Panther was contracted to complete the remediation of PCE and TCE impacted groundwater and smear zone contamination at a property intended for redevelopment near Levittown, Pennsylvania. The property was previously characterized and contained groundwater impacts of up to 70 mg/l in the shallow perched aquifer and up to 1 mg/l in the deep fractured bedrock zone. Panther designed and installed 25 1-inch Sch. 40 PVC injection wells with varying screen lengths and depths to complete injection of up to 20% sodium permanganate from a custom built injection trailer capable of injecting at 6 locations simultaneously. Panther analyzed the site soil and groundwater for natural oxidant demand requirements and completed a bench test study to evaluate the reduction efficiencies of various oxidants on site soil and groundwater, and to finalize the dosing requirements for the site. Following bench testing, Panther injected approximately 12,000 lbs of sodium permanganate utilizing a US EPA Class V injection permit. The total time required from installation of injection wells to completion of injection events was approximately 1.5 months. Colorimetric monitoring along with groundwater elevations tracking was completed during and after injection events to determine the extent of sodium permanganate dispersion in addition to the persistence of sodium permanganate following injection activities. During the subsequent 3 quarters of monitoring, destruction efficiencies were 100% in all shallow zones and the fractured bedrock monitoring wells.

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Task 59_01092009_104254.jpg

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