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Asphalt Refurbishment


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Value: $ 332,000
Based on having executed over a dozen successful projects for our client, a global industrial leader, Panther was awarded a project to refurbish large paved areas at their electric motor re-manufacturing facility located in Philadelphia. This was the fifth project our group was awarded at this facility where we have competed several million dollars in value added improvements. The project included greater than 150,000 SF of asphalt refurbishment (seal coating, overlay or new asphalt), pavement markings, new concrete containment curbs and associated civil work, including removing existing, non-reusable material and loading into containers. After pre-mobilization activities, including preparation of a site-specific HASP and utility mark-out, were completed, Panther mobilized a crew and the heavy equipment required including a track excavator, wheel loader, vibratory roller, asphalt saw-cutting tools, asphalt paving equipment and various smaller pieces of equipment. Prior to and during mobilization all site activities were closely coordinated with facility operations personnel to ensure that employees, and site vendors and suppliers were aware of changes to parking and traffic patterns. Site preparation activities (installation of SESC and temporary facilities) commenced immediately following the first site health and safety meeting. Pantherís crew continued to work closely with facility operations personnel to ensure all vehicular traffic was safely redirected during the paving work. The seal coating and asphalt overlays were completed without disturbing the surfaces. The complete repaving of some areas involved removal of the old asphalt and up to 2-ft of sub-base materials which were disposed of. The invasive work was performed in a careful manner due to the history of the site with regard to TSCA regulated materials. The removal actions were followed by grading, filling and compaction prior to applying the new asphalt layers. After all paving activities were completed, the parking areas and traffic paths were marked and painted according the clientís requirements. In addition to the major work components Panther also completed other ancillary tasks including the installation of secondary containment around two non-PCB transformers. The project was completed on budget, on schedule and without incident. Further, as a result of this work Panther was sole sourced by the same client to complete a similar infrastructure maintenance project at another facility located in western Pennsylvania.

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