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AST and Piping Cleaning, Closure and Dismantlement


Location: Elizabeth, New Jersey
Value: $ 60,000.00
Panther was contracted to clean and degas two (2) aboveground storage tanks, piping and pumps at a facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The client required the closure of the 70,000-gallon and 30,000-gallon tanks, which were in No. 4 oil service, but formerly contained No. 6. The project included the proper removal and recycling of 30,000-gallons of residual No. 4 oil product, and the draining and flushing of 400 feet of feed and return lines, which lead to an onsite boiler unit and the associated pumps. Panther provided experienced personnel, required equipment and materials needed to perform the degassing and cleaning activities as required by the NJDEP. Panther completed the above-specified activities, coordinated the pumping and recycling of residual No. 4 fuel oil product, accessed, emptied, and cleaned the aboveground storage tanks. Our crew also collected, containerized and recycled the residual waste, cutter stock and rinse water.

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