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EquipmentWe take great pride in our solid reputation and history of working successfully on extraordinary projects that do not have traditional textbook solutions. It is the extensive experience of our management team that provides Panther with these distinctive qualifications. We invite you to explore our extensive database of project summaries to find out more about these unique solutions. Click on a link below to see examples in specific project categories, or use the search bar to find examples narrowed by a specific key word or phrase.


Featured Projects

Project: Wetland Construction
Location: Fairfield, NJ
Construction of a wetland mitigation bank on a 253-acre site in Fairfield, NJ. Read more...

Project: Superfund Site Ė Wetland Remediation
Location: New Jersey
A team led by Panther and ERM, was awarded the design-build wetland remediation component of a Superfund Site located in New Jersey. Read more...

Project: Chemical Oxidation at a Bridge Building Site
Location: Driftwood, PA
Panther Technologies, Inc. (Panther) was awarded and mobilized a six man crew equipped with level B/C emergency response systems to perform a chemical oxidation project at the base of an active bridge building project in Driftwood, PA. Read more...

Project: Landfill Cap
Location: Toms River, NJ
Panther was awarded a contract to provide environmental capping and other services for an industrial waste landfill located on the coast of southern New Jersey near Toms River. Read more...

Burlington Slurry Wall_04042013_113700.jpg
Project: Slurry Wall Installation
Location: Burlington, NJ
Panther Technologies, Inc. (Panther) was awarded a project to install a 50,000 SF slurry wall at a site adjacent to a Delaware River tributary. Read more...

Project: MGP In-Situ Stabilization & Excavation
Location: Central NJ
Large scale MGP remediation project.

Project: Bass River Wetland Mitigation Project
Location: Bass River, NJ
Panther was awarded a contract to perform wetland mitigation work at the Bass River Wetlands Mitigation Site. The client selected Panther based on our professional experience at multiple other complex wetland sites, and our ability to satisfy owners, regulatory agencies and local authorities while adhering to permit requirements. Read more...

Kester 1_09152010_095351.JPG
Project: Remediation of PCE in Soils
Location: Newark, NJ
Following site mobilization, the installation of soil erosion and sediment control measures and the demolition and removal of 900 tons of concrete & asphalt, Panther set-up an on-site water treatment system consisting of granular activated carbon units, bag filters and five (5) 21,000-gallon Frac-style tanks. Read more...

Project: Stipsonís Island Wetlands Mitigation Bank
Location: Dennis Township, New Jersey
Panther was awarded a contract to perform wetland mitigation work at the Stipsonís Island Wetlands Mitigation Site in Dennis Township, New Jersey. Read more...

Project: Excavation, Ex-Situ and In-Situ Chemical Oxidation, Reuse of Soils on Site and Wetlands Recontruction
Location: Morris Plains, New Jersey
Soils and groundwater at the site had become contaminated with levels of perchloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethylene (TCE) at concentrations in excess of 20,000 mg/kg combined, significantly above risk-based remedial standards. Because the PCE and TCE in soil presented an ongoing source of groundwater contamination, soil remediation was a top remedial priority at the site. The initial unsaturated soil remedy proposed for this site included in-situ, enhanced anaerobic reductive dehalogenation. Read more...

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